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About Best Camping Products

Since we were kids we’ve always loved the great outdoors. There’s nothing better than heading off on an adventure far away from the normal runnings of everyday life and the civilisation we are so used to. We’ve loved going camping for many years but always struggled to find the perfect products to make our trips as great as possible. We’d love to hear about your camping experience, please do drop us a line if you have any questions or feedback.

Why Best Camping Products?

After years of scouring the internet for the best products for the many different types of trips we were taking, we decided to finally put all the information together ourselves and help others find the perfect products for their camping needs. 

We’ve had our fair share of camping disasters, whether that was a tent that wasn’t quite big enough (it was a trip that was a bit too close for comfort), a sleeping bag that didn’t provide enough warmth and even a camp stove that was a bit lacklustre (and couldn’t provide even a basic cup of tea – a necessity on any camping trip, for us anyway!). These are experiences that can really taint a trip, so we wanted somewhere where we could share our own experiences as well as recommend products that could help you not make the same mistakes as us.

We thought why not start our own site to help other lovers of the great outdoors save money while finding the best items for their own trips – so bestcampingproducts.co.uk was born.

We didn’t want to be just another review site, we actually want to help you save money by giving you all the information we wish we had when buying products to take on our own camping trips. 

Our goal is to help you have the best camping experience possible and have as much fun as possible.