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How to Choose the Best Camping Bed

Getting a good night’s sleep when you’re camping can help you enjoy your trip to the fullest. So, choosing the best camping bed for your needs is important. 

If you’re an avid camper and camp regularly overnight you may want to invest more in a camping bed that offers the most comfort and maximum durability with a sturdy design to help it last. However, if you’re looking for cheap camping beds, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. 

Just a few of the options for you to consider are ready all in one beds, off the floor camp beds and small lightweight camping mats that are easy to carry around. Whatever your budget, size and weight, specific health needs or comfort requirements you are sure to find an option that is perfect for you. 

The best air beds for your camping trip can depend upon many factors including; how long you are going to be away, whether you are staying in a single place or travelling between multiple campsites, how many people you are camping with and how you plan on carrying your kit. 

Remember, that even if you have the best camping bed, you’ll need to get a suitable sleeping bag and tent too to get a proper restful nights sleep in the great outdoors.

The Best Types of Camp Beds 

There are lots of different options when it comes to airbeds, here are some of the most popular beds that are best for camping. 

Blow up beds

Inflatable cmaping beds offer great comfort and are a popular choice with campers due to them being cheap to buy, light, small, and easy to transport. Blow up beds can be popular because of their portability when not inflated but some argue that comfort, convenience and reliability is sacrificed to achieve this. It’s unlikely that you will want to pump up your airbed by mouth, so you will also want to consider the type and price of a pump with the bed. 

Some beds come with them and foot pumps can be an easy option but you can also get electric pumps that can be used in a car to save you the work. Airbeds can also lose some inflation overnight so you may have to top it up before sleeping on it each night, this can be especially true as air beds start to age. 

There’s also a huge amount of choice in the type of air bed, mattress size and material and luxury features that these air beds are available with, as well as numerous retailers to choose from to supply your blow-up camp bed, which makes them one of the most popular choices around today including Argos, Amazon, Tesco and outdoor retailers like Blacks, Go Outdoors and Millets. 

It is important to distinguish blow up camp beds from their often bulkier blow-up mattress air beds commonly used for guests around the home. 

Inflatable Sleeping Mat

A mini blow-up bed, inflatable sleeping mats have a layer of foam inside. You open the valve and the air fills it up automatically, you may need to top it up a little by mouth too. This kind of bed is popular with backpackers, wild campers, festival-goers, and those who carry their bed or want something particularly lightweight. There is a large range of SIMs (self-inflating sleeping mats) and the prices for these beds range from a few pounds for a basic mat to hundreds of pounds for the best quality rapid inflation sleeping mat. 

Folding Camp Beds

Folding camp beds can often be assembled in seconds and can offer support while you sleep similar to that of a real bed making them the perfect option for those looking for a balance of speedy assembly and ultimate comfort. They aren’t the lightest option when it comes to camp beds so they will be better suited to those who are going for a longer trip or have use of a car if you are moving between sites. You may also have to be comfortable sleeping on your back and not having tons of room to spread out unless you opt for a larger double bed, however, a big benefit of this type of camp bed is that you have no worry of it deflating overnight so if this is important to you it could be a good option. 

Automatic folding camp beds have become firm favourites among campers for the speed at which they can be set up. 

Military camp beds are always popular for their lightweight portability and durable, sturdy support.  

Ready Bed All in One

For those who are after a simple life, an all in one camping air beds can be a great option. They often have self-inflating mattresses and come with a sleeping bag already attached which makes them very easy to inflate and ensures you won’t forget any essential bedding. They can come in single and double adult sizes and are easy to pack away, carry, and store. Some may find them a little restrictive due to the cover being already attached to the bed and they may not be as warm as a completely detached sleeping bag. All in one beds can be a great option for children and toddlers with fun designs to choose from. Adults after extra comfort can choose from the range of Deluxe Ready beds too.  

Ready Bed All in One beds are one of the best ready beds for camping because they offer practicality, convenience and are quick and easy to set up. Pair your ready bed purchase with a Ready Bed air pump for easy inflation.

Raised Air Bed

If you want to feel more comfortable and like you are in a real bed, a raised bed can help you feel like you’re having a more ‘normal’ sleep each night. They are also great for those who have mobility issues and can’t (or don’t fancy) getting down onto the floor each night to sleep. You will likely want an electric pump for a raised air bed as they will take much longer to pump up. They aren’t the most durable option and can be cold and aren’t portable unless you’re driving between campsites. However, they can be made warmer with additional blankets and mattress toppers as well as things like electric blankets or extra sheets. 

Camping Mat

If you’re after something very lightweight and durable then a foam matt could be a good option. They are often very affordable and easy to carry around on top of a backpack and roll out quickly to make a bed, so are particularly good for backpackers and adventurers. They don’t offer the greatest amount of comfort, so unless you’re after something rugged and portable enough to take anywhere when backpacking then it might not be the best option for a restful night of sleep. 

What is the Best Camping Bed?

The best camping bed will be the one that offers the most comfort, portability, durability and style for the price you can afford.

Based on some camper types, here are some of our favourite recommendations for the best camping beds you can buy in 2021. Remember, cheap camp beds won’t always offer the best support.