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How to Choose the Best Camping Chair

Finding the best camping chair should be easy, choosing something supportive, lightweight, comfy, and portable shouldn’t be too challenging. However, with so many different options available it can be hard to know which camping chairs are the best to buy and which will offer you the comfiest seating for your trip. 

In this guide, we talk you through and review the best types of camping chairs for all occasions in the UK and what you should look for when choosing one and which to add to your packing list.

What Type of Camping Chair Should You Buy?

There are so many options when it comes to camping chairs, from foldaway to collapsable, ultra-lightweight to oversized, single person to a two person loveseat and even some that swivel. The right chair for you will depend on what you are using it for and where you’ll be taking it. It’s similar to buying a camp bed, you want to make sure you get the best type of chair that offers you the support you need.

If you’re driving to a campsite you could take a heavier, more sturdy camp chair as it matters less how much the chair weighs.

However, those travelling between sites, or planning on walking and camping may find the right type of chair offers as much comfort as possible

Best Types of Camping Chair:

  • Camping chairs with canopies – Having a cover over the top of your camping chair makes them perfect for use in any weather. They are great if you aren’t a sunbather because they keep the sun out your eyes when camping or on the beach. They can also be handy if you’re caught in the rain which can be quite common when camping. 
  • Big and tall camp chairs – these camping chairs are built with plus-sized people in mind, they are generally sturdier than standard camping chairs, however, they will often be heavier and less portable. 
  • Double camping chairs – perfect for bigger camping parties, if multiple people are going on a trip a double camping chair can save space compared to multiple single chairs. 
  • Inflatable camping chair – blow up camping chairs can be super comfortable, when they aren’t inflated they are easy to carry around but they take up a lot of space when blown up. They can offer great comfort and you can even get inflatable camping sofas which can double up as a bed. 
  • Foldable camping chair – great to use in the garden, take camping or to the beach, these chairs fold away into an easy to use carry bag. They often have an inbuilt drinks holder so you can sit back and relax. 
  • Kids camp chairs – perfect for young campers, these small camping chairs are perfect for children. They come in different colours and you can get similar designs to full sized chairs. 
  • Loveseat camping chair – For couples who want to be close at all time on their camping trips, love seats are a great option. They will often be lower to the ground so great for using around a campfire.
  • Ergonomic camp chair – Normally at the higher end of the camping chair price range, these chairs are normally the most comfortable and are recommended for those who suffer from back pain. 
  • Ultralight camping chair – designed with portability in mind these chairs are light and easy to carry. They do lack some of the comfort you can get with more of a sturdy chair. They are perfect for backpackers and hikers as they can fold down very small and carried in a stuff bag. 
  • Backpack cooler chair – these multi-purpose chairs are very versatile and popular with hikers and backpackers. The chairs normally have a sturdy frame, a foil-lined well-insulated cooler bag as well as backpack straps for easy portability. 
  • Camping chair with side table – These chairs are perfect if you want to settle down for an afternoon in the sunshine with a drink and some snacks, they are great for a picnic on the campsite too. However, they’re bulkier than some other options. 
  • Camping chair with rain cover – If you’re camping in the great British countryside you’re likely to have a few rain showers so getting a weather shield with your camping chair can help protect you from the elements. Camping chairs with rain covers offer waterproof shelter so you can enjoy a proper sit down whatever the conditions. 

What to Consider Before Buying a Camping Chair

There are a few different things you should consider before purchasing a camping chair, here are the most important things to think about before you go.

How Compact is the Camping Chair? 

If you’re just carrying your camping chair from the car to your tent, the chair doesn’t need to be that small and lightweight, however, if you’re going to be moving the chair around a lot and need to fit it in the boot along with a lot of other luggage then you may want to look for a chair that’s light and folds down very small. You can find ultra lightweight chairs that fold away very small so they are great to carry about.

How much Do Camping Chairs Weigh?

It depends on the type of chair you go for, you can blow up inflatable chairs that only weigh a few hundred grams, up to chairs that are over 6kgs. The stronger and sturdier the chair, the more it is likely to weigh.

What Type of Camping Chair do You Need? 

Consider what you’ll be doing in the chair. Are you going to be sitting upright eating your dinner in it, or relaxing and catching some sun with a cool beverage? The type of chair that’s right for you will depend on the types of activity you intend to do, where you’ll be using it and if you have any special requirements like back support or a sturdy frame.  

Are All Camping Chairs Waterproof?

Not all camping chairs are waterproof so you should check before you buy if you want something that you can sit out in during rain or shine. The majority of chairs will be at least water-resistant so they can be left out in the rain without the worry of damage. Many chairs will be stain resistant too so you don’t need to worry about spills and light rain. 

Best Camping Chairs for Bad Backs

If you have a bad back you want to make sure you get a camping chair that’s comfortable and offers lumbar support. Often the best chairs for back pain will come with padding for extra comfort. Some camping chairs are adjustable to offer you support whether you have pain in your back or even up to your shoulders. 

If you’ll be sitting for long periods on your camping trip, you want to find a back-safe chair. A Zero-Gravity camping chair is a good option for support and can help with your posture. A cushioned camping chair is a popular option for those with back problems, however, you want to make sure these types of chairs also have support built-in for optimal comfort. 

Here are the best camping chairs for bad backs.

Best Camping Chairs for the Elderly

When buying a camping chair as an elderly person, it’s important to get one with a sturdy frame and a good ergonomic design which offers support for your back. 

You’ll also want the camping chair to be foldable and lightweight so it can be carried too and from the car with ease. If you’re buying a camping chair for an older person you want to get one with a sturdy frame to ensure it doesn’t collapse or fold when sitting down or getting up. You may even want to consider a reclining camping chair for added comfort if you will be sitting for long periods or even a padded camping chair for extra cushion.

You will also want to think about the stability of the chair you choose. This is especially important as you are transitioning between sitting and standing. A chair that leans, tilts or falls as you shift your weight will be no use at all if you are a little older and a little less steady on your feet. 

Here are even more of the best options for camping chairs for the elderly.

The Best Kids Camping Chairs

There are tons of options for camping chairs for children, they can be used for camping trips, picnics and in the garden. You can often get chairs that come in cool designs and many are waterproof and come with built-in cup holders to stop spillages. You can even get kids camping chairs with covers over the top to avoid them spending too much time in the sun. Kids camp chairs will generally be foldable and pack away into a small bag.

Here are the best camping chairs for kids.

How Much do Camping Chairs Cost? 

There’s a camping chair to fit every budget, from super cheap from about £5 all the way up to £100’s of pounds. You don’t have to spend the earth to get a good chair, however, if you’re an avid camper who wants to sit in comfort, it may be worth spending a bit extra to get a chair that’s durable and waterproof so it lasts for many years and multiple camping trips. 

Where to Buy Camping Chairs

Outdoor & Leisure Stores

You can get camping chairs from any reputable outdoor retailer, these shops are likely to have the best range of chairs depending on what you are looking for. They’re a good place to test out and try a chair before you buy them. They’re also likely to have the best range of camping chairs from a wide variety of specialist well known camping brands that have years of experience making these types of chairs. Consider Cotswold Outdoor, Blacks and Go Outdoors to get a feel for the types of chairs they stock. 

High Street Stores & Supermarkets

You’re also likely to be able to find camping chairs from high street stores like Argos, Aldi, Tesco and Lidl. The camping chairs these retailers stock may be a little cheaper than many of the branded chairs you find in specialist outdoor stores but they’re also likely to be a little lower quality and not as specialist. If you’re looking for generic chairs that offer very good value for just a few camping trips a year, then it might be worth checking out what your local supermarket or high street retailer has in stock. 

Online Retailers

You can find camping chairs online from shops like Amazon and eBay where you’ll be able to read customer reviews and compare the prices so you can make sure you are getting the best deal on your camping chairs. You won’t be able to test the quality or comfort of the chair yourself, however, if you know the specific chair you want and want to get it for the best price possible then online should probably be the first place you look.