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The Best Camping Chair for the Elderly

Getting a camping chair that offers adequate support, exceptional stability looks great and is lightweight, easy to carry and transport to wherever you need it. 

Here are a few of our picks for the best camping chairs that will suit the more elderly or more senior campers. 

Lightweight and Ultralightweight Camping Chairs

The lightest camping chairs you can get normally weigh around 960gs (2.1 lbs). Lightweight camping chairs can be some of the best chairs for senior citizens because they are light, easy to carry and most fold away neatly into a carrying bag or case. 

The best lightweight portable chair for seniors are;

Discover Red Folding Stool23cm X 24cm X 27cm275gCheck now
MiniMax Portable Stool7cm X 25cm (packed)25cm X 45cm (open)1.1KgCheck now
Geographic High Glowing Red Compact Stool33cm X 33cm X 33cm350gCheck now
Regatta Ternio Tripod StoolN/A646gCheck price
Easy Camp Pier Aqua Blue Lounger (on wheels)62cm X 150 cm X 22cm4.3KgCheck price

Portable Folding Chairs for Elderly Campers

Easiest to assemble (fold out)

Portability is important if you’re getting older too. You will want a chair that is; easy to fold away, easy to carry and that you can walk with comfortably. 

Some of the most portable camping chairs can be folded into a ZX ZX sized bag and include a shoulder strap to help make them even easier to carry around.

Like our lightweight camping chairs. Weight is important, chairs in this list weigh as little as 960g (2.1Ibs) and fold away too.  

Product NameSizeWeightPrice
Regatta Chilka Lounger164 cm X 70 cm X 56cm120KgCheck now
Outwell Aberdeen Lake Inflatable Sofa34cm X 27cm X 14cm (packed)
175cm X 80cm X 70cm (opened)
5.6KgCheck now

The Most Stable Camping Chairs for Older Campers

Stability is going to be an important factor for your camping chairs, especially if you are buying them for or are a little older and mobility and flexibility is becoming more of a challenge.

The most stable chairs can offer support and strength without compromising on stability. Many stable camping chairs offer convenience too, with features like cupholders, side tables and some can even fold out into sun beds or day bed style recliners.  

Product NameSizeWeightPrice
Outwell Lake Huron Inflatable Sofa100 x 83 x 74 cm6.6KgCheck now

The Most Supportive Chairs for Camping

Comfort and support are both very important, especially if you’re going to spend long periods of time sitting in your chair at the beach or at concerts or festivals. 

Camping and beach chairs are becoming more advanced, so it isn’t uncommon to find chairs with features like lumbar support, padded seats and even reclining features to help ensure you’re always at your most comfortable, whatever you’re using the chair for.

The Most Convenient Chairs for Camping

Convenience can take many forms. Many may find built in featgures for camping chairs like; built in cup holders, fold up tables or the ability to join chairs together or make the most of convenient attached storage solutions.  

Here are the best camping chairs with extra features focused on convenience. 

Product NameSizeWeightPrice
Kampa Chairman Armchair92 cm X 52 cm X 47cm (open size)6.1KgCheck Price
Dometic Opulence Fienze Chair110 cm X 65.5 cm X 14cm 8.8Kg Check Price
Catamarca XL Camping Chair90cm X 62cm X 96cm4.1KgCheck price
Regatta Sedile Director’s Chair with Side TableN/A4.6KgCheck price

The Most Comfortable Chairs for Elderly Campers

Comfort is an important feature for any chair and especially so if you’re a little older and now prefer comfort over anything else. Some of the most comfortable camping chairs include larger lounger daybed and sunbed style chairs as well as recliners and relaxer style chairs as well as inflatable sofas and armchairs that offer a good balance of portability and comfort.

If you’re looking for the best chairs to help you relax on a camping trip, then these could be for you. If you suffer with a bad back or just enjoy a little more comfort these chairs could be for you.

Some of our favourite picks for comfortable and supportive chairs include;

Product NameSizeWeightPrice
Dometic Serene Firenze Relaxer Chair111 cm x 67 cm x 75cm (open)9.2KgCheck price
EasyCamp Comfy Lounge Set (chair and pouf)83 cm X 93 cm X 85 cm (inflated)2Kg Check price
Regatta Colico Reclining Lounge ChairN/A6.9KgCheck price
Crespo Air Deluxe Skip Recliner198 cm X 70 cm X 28 cm7.1KgCheck price